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Lightest Basketball Shoes

Many sportswear manufacturers come out with different lightest basketball shoes for basketball players. The basketball shoes manufacturers are of various brands providing the player with many options when choosing the best and the lightest basketball shoes. However, because of the plethora of basketball shoes available in various brands and styles, it always becomes a bit difficult to choose the right ones that are beneficial and those that suit the style of play of each basket ball player.

A few tips can help a lot when a basketball player is looking for the beneficial and the lightest basketball shoes. Each basketball player has a different style of playing and hence their shoes should also be made available to suit their style of play. Basketball trainers should be comfortable so that the player can concentrate on the game and not feel uneasy in the feet. The three types of styles that are used by most basketball players are aggressive, speedy and runners. It is wise to choose trainers according to your style of playing, rather than choosing anything that only suits your budget and not your style.

Those players that come under the aggressive style are those that focus on their strength and build to win the game and help their team. Hence, the basketball trainers that they use should be powerful enough to protect their feet and make it comfortable. Since they will probably come in contact with the other players, trainers with strong rubber soles and great comfort on the inside are mandatory.

Lightest Basketball Shoes

Lightest Basketball Shoes features

For the speedy players speed is the most essential aspect to win the game and increase the team’s score. For such players the lightest basketball shoes are the best choice as this will help the players to move faster and feel comfortable too. Air Max Turnaround trainers are best suited for such players. Besides this, there are many other choices of basketball shoes as well, that can be selected.

Runners, as the name suggests, do a lot of running on the basketball court and hence they need to have the best and the most comfortable shoes. Not only comfortable, but also shoes that offer a lot of breathability to the feet. Lightest basketball shoes with air mesh are very comfortable and hence the best choice since it is made of materials that are strong but light and comfortable for running.

Based on one’s skill players should choose their type of basketball shoes so that total protection and comfort to the feet is provided. You can read a lot of basketball shoes reviews which will provide you great ideas when buying the lightest basketball shoes. There are many merchants that try to sell off fake basketball shoes to innocent players. To avoid falling into the trap of fake sellers, it is always best to go in for well known brand names of basketball shoes instead of buying cheap shoes and compromising on the quality and comfort of the shoes.

Before buying lightest basketball shoes, it is good to search online for the different brands and types of shoes, compare their styles and prices and then make a choice. However, if you are buying basketball trainers from the retailers or direct from the manufacturing outlets, it is safest to try on as many shoes as possible before selecting one that will suit your playing style as well as your budget. It is mandatory that the trainers give you a perfect fit, there should be no compromise on the fit since it is meant to provide the best comfort while playing.

Lightest Basketball Shoes : Adizero Basketball Shoes

The Adidas is the popular shoe brand that has been into the industry for 50 years. They often come with innovative styles. The Adidas has a variety of shoe ranges. The company is known for the sport shoes ranges. The lightest basketball shoes from adidas have drawn the attention of many basketball players and fans. Even within the basketball shoes one can find a wide categorization to suit the needs of various customers.

The adizero crazy light is a popular model. It has been engineered to be light in weight. After all no player will like to play with shoes that are rock hard in weight. Though the crazy light series is light in weight it is durable and sturdy. The sprint frame feature adds to the stability of the shoes. You can move with the desired speed when you wear this basketball chassis. The sprint frame technology is also responsible for making the lightest basketball shoes in weight and makes it more supportive during the basketball session. The internal EVA midsole give a cushioning effect. It fits easily and gives comfort. The outsole is made up of non-marking rubber. There are additional insoles added to give comfort. The shoes weigh just 9.8 oz.

The Adidas has improved the crazy light model and has unveiled the version 2 of the model.  The crazy light 2 is still more less in weight. It weighs only 9.5 oz. When this compared to the competitors in the market it is 10% lighter. The crazy light is sturdier, and more aerodynamic. The crazy light 2 is also available in more different colors. The sprint frame technology offers more motion control.

The shoes also use the sprint web technology that makes the shoes thinnest and allows the shoes to be energy return. The tighter web layout also increases the vertical and horizontal strength. These shoes are available from May 2012 in the market. The starting price is $140. There are five colors of the lightest basketball shoes. You can also find the shoes in the, and in few popular shoe shopping sites. The crazy light 2 also has the advanced feature called micoach. This records the 360 degree movements of the player and can the players can view their statistics.

The Adidas also offers shoes designed for celebrities. The Rose from Adidas is a good example, which was designed for Derrick Rose. The adizero Rose 2.5 weighs 11 ounces. It is the lightest basketball shoe worn by Rose. The premium features like sprint frame and sprint web are seen in this shoe. These features are inspired by the crazy light shoes. The Rose 2.5 was introduced after the crazy light and before the crazy light 2. The shoe is designed to provide finest  ease and fit.

The Adidas has proved to be the leading shoe manufacturer to give out innovative models and styles. The company also signed the contract on 2006 for 11 years with the NBA and the Women’s National BasketBall Association. In short the adizero offers various styles that are for professionals and for all people to make the gaming session more comfortable.

Newbalance Basketball Shoes

The new balance basketball shoes are into the market since 1900s. You can see the shoes from new balance have gone through lots of improvements over all these years. It is an arch support company. The company started as a shoe manufacturer, now it is a well-known developer of sports shoes. There is a wide range of basketball shoes from the new balance. You can find Dunham, PF players, Aravon, Warrior and Brine. The new balance is known for giving out styles and models to suit the requirements of the new balance. The technologies they incorporate is innovative and provide new brands. You can find shoes in all sizes, width. The shoes from the new balance are known for better performance.

The new balance offers a variety of the lightest basketball shoes. The New Balance 907 is a hi fi shoe from the new balance. The shoes provide good quality shock absorption, supportive comfort, good responsiveness and great court traction. These shoes offer ABZORB technology. It offers cushioning in forefoot for shock absorption. The technology called NB ZIP provides cushioning in the heel part. The rubber is durable. This is possible because of the Ndurance feature. The herringbone outsole increases the traction in the playing court. There is a synthetic mesh provided for making the shoe lightweight, and comfort as well as support. All these features are patented.

The New Balance 581, is a basketball shoe that can be used for anything associated with basketball. This shoe too has the herringbone feature for in the court traction and also provides cushioning. There are two different foams and for this the N-Fuse midsole technology is used. This feature enables cushioning and support at the same time. This shoe is available for $59.99. The New Balance 623 is available for $64.99.

Lightest Basketball Shoes : ABZORB technology

The most popular from the new balance are these shoes. This is a running style shoe. The shoe can be used in the court and off the court too and it offers great performance in both the places. The ABZORB technology is used in the heel and forefoot and provides excellent shock absorption. The Ethyl Vinyl Acetate is available for more cushioning.  The non-marking rubber is used outside and as a result you can see the floors are not marked.

The New Balance 889 is for the players for players who need ankle support and stability. The ABZORB technology provides shock absorption and good cushioning. There is also increased traction available. The synthetic upper sides give durability. You can get this for $39.99.

Apart from the lightest basketball shoes, you can also find the casual shoes for men, women, and kids from the new balance. There are also shoes in all models and styles. The 5 shoes from the New Balance can be bought from the official website of the New Balance. The website is reliable for using the plastic money. You can see the features, compare and contrast the price in the website. You can also do a search and filter the products based on the available colors.

Cheap Lightest Basketball Shoes For Men

If you are a basketball player or are shopping for your son or husband, you may be on the lookout for cheap lightest basketball shoes for men. The best way to buy cheap shoes, basketball or of any other category, is to look for clearance sales. Is there a clearance sale in the mall in your neighborhood?

Then you can check out the prices of the brands and the styles of shoes that they are selling on discount. The main problem with retail outlets is the limited range of shoe categories that exist when it comes to sports shoes. It might be the case that you will not find basketball shoes in the discount or not the brand that you are looking for. Such problems are solved by shopping online. There are many reputed sports online stores where one will find a wide range of brands to look for different categories of shoes. If one is looking for cheap lightest basketball shoes for men, there are either clearance sales to look at or coupon deals that one can avail at such online stores.  If one knows one’s shoe size, then one can comfortably shop from such stores online.

Come Olympics 2012 and the sports brands seem to have gone on a hyperdrive in launching many new shoe styles and accessories for sports fans and athletes across all sports categories imaginable. When it comes to lightest basketball shoes, Nike has launched the revolutionary Hyperdunk series. It is not simply a new style of lightest basketball shoes but one that comes with revolutionary new features. There are embedded sensors in the shoes which track every move that an athlete makes in court. And what’s more, such data is wirelessly synchronized and statistics uploaded in one’s phone through the desired application.

With apps like Fitbit and other revolutionary tracking devices, it was a matter of time that shoes were to be launched with such technology. Of course, it might be quite a while before such Nike shoes will come on sale or come as great bargains. The highlight of the season, the prices are likely to reach skyhigh positions as the demand sores for such a revolutionary accessory.

Coming back to lightest basketball shoes which will be more affordable, a current favorite is the Jordan Flight 9 Max RST model amongst men’s shoes for basketball. This style of shoes comes with midsole tooling and has a 360 Air Unit included. The modern stylized features make it a great casual wear on and off the court. With comfortable air cushioning technology, this shoe style will aid one to perform admirably in court.

Next in line are the Nike Air Visi Pro II shoes for basketball. These men’s shoes are great buy from Nike. Good looks in black and paired with technology, these shoes are built for speed and performance. One can make lightning quick moves and breaks which will surprise the opponent. The fit is superior to other shoes of similar make and durability feature is admirable. At clearance sales, such a lightest basketball shoes can be got at a bargain of sixty dollars.