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Custom Basketball Shoes

One of the newest trends in basketball shoes is custom basketball shoes according to the user’s requirement. Most basketball players had their basketball shoes customized depending on their personal playing style like basketball shoes would enjoy mid top designs when their basketball player was very agile on the basketball court, and they would quickly get hold of the ball and put it in the basket. Now days even a common man prefers to wear shoes which are Custom Basketball Shoes. In fact, popular shoe companies like Reebok, Nike, and Adidas have started offering their online customers with customized feature options before they finalize purchasing their basketball shoe.

Custom Basketball Shoes - Best Basketball Shoes

Little history about custom basketball shoes

The popularity of basketball shoes can be traced back to the 1920’s when this simple game captured the imagination of the Americans. The old basketball shoes were manufactured for the basketball players only. There are distinct periods where a particular basketball shoe enjoyed great popularity, and these are:

Custom Basketball Shoes• Classic Canvas Shoe Period

The first types of a basketball shoe to catch the imagination of a common man were the canvas and Converse basketball shoes. The canvas basketball shoe was modified into custom basketball shoes, for the ordinary person as it enjoyed little maintenance and great durability features. These canvas shoes reigned the sports segment till the early 1980’s.

• The traditional pump design basketball shoe

The basketball legend Michael Jordan brought in a new type of basketball shoes. The shoe known as the pump shoe was heavily marketed by Reebok and became very successful in the basketball shoe segment. The shoe design offered customized features of cushioning in the basketball shoe. This cushioning feature could be added both in the front part of the shoe or in the back of the basketball shoe heel area. This helped to achieve a better grip of the ankle and the wearer of this basketball shoe called pump shoe, enjoyed great comfort in wearing them all day long.

• The golden age period between 1994 to 1998

After Michael Jordan had retired, there were many new basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley. These basketball players introduced various features that made Custom Basketball Shoes very popular among their fans. They added a new customized feature in the basketball shoes which was the elevation of the shoe plate. Nike introduced the Charles Barkley brand shoe and received immense success worldwide.

• The retro custom basketball shoes design period from 1999

After Michael Jordan had his second retirement, the basketball shoe industry started bringing back a few of the favorite old retro designs in them. Some of them were the use of the versatile carbon fibers in the manufacture of these basketball shoes, the light cushion technology introduced by the shoe company Nike and the use of Phylon in the midsole of a basketball shoe.

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The current years in basketball shoe designs

The current years started from 2010, and there has been growth in the basketball shoe segment with various customized features which could be in the area of physical appearance or the use of updated technology to add to comfort to its wearer. Even though the price tags for these customized basketball shoes have increased, the demands for these shoes have also increased with time. In fact with the growth of online shoe stores, customized basketball shoes are an important segment here.

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What are the simple facts to be kept in mind when buying customized basketball shoe?

With online shoe stores being a rage nowadays, most net-centric people buy shoes online. When shopping for these shoes, keep a few essential factors in mind which are:

• The material of the basketball shoe should be durable. Canvas was the material for regular, durable basketball shoes. Nowadays a few other materials have developed like synthetic mesh or the smooth nylon. You would enjoy a return on investment when you enjoy wearing your favorite basketball shoes for years to come.

• Today various customized basketball shoe features like padding and lacing technology, help the basketball shoe wearer to enjoy wearing it for long hours, without adding discomfort to the shoes.

• No matter whatever features you use to customize your basketball shoe, keep in mind that your feet are breathing and enjoys good circulation in the feet area. Thus the shoe material should allow good air circulation.

In the next few years, the unique elements would be integrated into the custom basketball shoes segment, and its popularity would reach new levels of success.

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