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Top 5 Best Selling Basketball Shoes

A good best selling basketball shoes can change the performance of you in the playground.That is why you should buy a pair of quality shoes for gaming but you need not invest a very big amount for buying shoes. Just you need to know which shoe is perfect for your and for good performance. There are many types brand shoes available in the local and online shop but you should find out the best suits for you. In the below, some shoes are mentioned for their performance. With thanks to Forbes magazine, we count down the top 5 best selling basketball shoes. You can choose the best one for you from below those suits you well.


Top 5 Best Selling Basketball ShoesJordan is not a new company that makes shoes for players. They make many new basketball shoes every year that give a pleasant surprise. All of the sneakers are giving heavy duty in the field. That is why; the company has taken a good place in the sneaker world. Air Jordan is an excellent shoe.

One of the best selling basketball shoes: Jordan Melo

Some shoes made by Air Jordan company is described below: The Jordan Melo 9 is a nice creation of Air Jordan Company.They look so stylish.The shoe is real basketball shoe for men. The shoe is made with real synthetic. The color game royal/white-black-team orange is used to design the shoe. That shoe is available at $140. The Jordan Melo M9 provides cushioning that ensures comfort. The shoes require almost no break in time. It fits well to the feet and looks great. It is really high class slandered shoe. M10 is another series of Jordan product of 2014 series. This is also great.

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Top 5 Best Selling Basketball ShoesD Rose 3 and D Rose 4 are most favorite shoes by Derrick Rose who is one of the top NBA players. D Rose 3 and D Rose 4 both are excellent shoes and heavily useful for gaming. The shoes are stylish and well designed. Comfort, performance and well stylish are the main features of the shoes.Company earned a good amount from these shoes. With $40 million earned, it’s one of the best basketball shoes. Both are the signature shoes of Derrick Rose.





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Top 5 Best Selling Basketball ShoesThe Black Mamba has passed a busy time for player chose in 2013. But after arriving of Kobe 8, signature shoes of Kobe Bryant, the sale of Black Mamba dramatically reduced. Kobe 8 has earned $50 million by selling the shoe, one of the best selling basketball shoes. It is a great achievement for the company.





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Top 5 Best Selling Basketball ShoesMr KD , number 2 shoes has earned $175 million.This shoe is the signature shoe of Kevin Durant.The shoe has given an excellent performance like Durant’s performance and the sale rose almost 40% plus.This is really unbelievable. It is huge earning for the company.





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N°1 of the best selling basketball shoes: LEBRON JAMES ($300 MILLION)

Top 5 Best Selling Basketball Shoes

When the Lebron X came to the market then all records automatically has broken for it’s earning $300 million which is the huge benefit for the company. This is a signature shoe of Lebron James and another signature shoe is Lebron 11. Lebron 11 also sold enough and earn a huge amount from the market. .That is why people still love to wear Jordan shoe.Because all of the shoes are a great and hard competitor of one-another.





Here the end of the top 5 of the best selling basketball shoes.

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