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The Reebok Men’s Zig Pro Future Review

The Reebok Mens Zig Pro Future Basketball Shoe show is the show to have if you want to play basketball in style and comfort. Many brands out there have come up with a variety of designs for basketball shows. However, this product is one of the bets in the market today. It has wonderful features that help make it what it is.

Reebok Mens Zig Pro - Best Basketball Shoes

Features of Reebok Mens Zig Pro Basketball Shoe for Men

        • The shoe is made of leather and upper both of synthetic mesh. What the leather does is to ensure that it is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The mesh helps with breathability when you are playing a game. The leather is also lightweight, which prevents the shoe from slowing you down.
        • The synthetic mesh on the upper part of the show also helps the show fit better thus enhancing comfort.
        • Outsole utilizes Zig technology. The lightweight foam making up the outsole reduces the shock that is felt at the heel of your foot as you move around. The outsole Zig technology also means that the shock is distributed along a zigzag direction evenly.
        • The outsole also has flex grooves at the forefoot area. This enhances the flexibility of the shoe when you are playing. The grooves also help cushion your foot from stress as well as enhancing the energy efficiency. You will spend less energy moving around as the show moves with you.
        • The shoe has a mesh tongue, collars, and a lace up system. This enables you to wear the show in comfort. By placing the shows up, you can keep the shoes as tight as possible, thus preventing them from coming off during the game.
        • The sole has grooves and multi surfaces (herringbone pattern) also to enhance your grip on the playing surface of your choice. This prevents you from slipping and injuring yourself.s
        • The shoe contains a heel clip, which enhances support and cushioning for the heels. In addition, a removable sock liner provides additional cushioning from excess stress. The cushioning also enhances overall stability when you are playing.



  • The fact that the show is made of leather makes it very durable. It also means that it requires cleaning rarely.
  • The Reebok Mens Zig Pro is engineered to enhance maximum comfort when playing, which means that you do not have to deal with over sweating, and shock to the feet and legs.
  • The shoes are affordable with the average price ranging from $50-$110. This gives you great value for your money.
  • The show comes in a variety of sizes, meaning that it is possible for you to find a size that fits you unless you have extreme feet measurements.


  • Because of the leather body, the shows will take a while to break in; around a week or two.
  • The show is a bit narrow. If you have, wider feet you may want to buy Reebok Mens Zig Pro of a slightly larger size to compensate.


Conclusion of Reebok Mens Zig Pro Review

It is worth the money. You can see refer to article “Top 5 cheapest basketball shoes“. The Reebok Mens Zig Pro future Basketball shoe is a great investment if you want a comfortable shoe to up your game on the basketball court.

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