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Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig Review

 The Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig Basketball Shoe will offer you that and more. You will play your basketball without worries because you have the best shoes on your feet; your feet being the main part of your body that is propelling you to different directions in the basketball court.

Reebok Mens Wall - Best Basketball Shoes

These shoes are leather-made to ensure their durability and classic quality. They have these rubber soles that are great for high impact activities like basketball playing. They also have this cushioned footbed that acts as a great shock absorber whenever there is a very high impact. The rubber outsole has this cool herringbone tread pattern to ensure more stability during maneuvering. They also offer this snug comfort that is rare to find in many sport’s shoes and a great ankle support.

The Dimensions of Reebok Mens Wall

The Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig Basketball Shoe is 12X8X4 inches and weighs a comfortable 14.6 ounces and the shipping weight is 2 pounds. It is not too bulky and will comfortably fit many men’s feet.

The Breathability of Reebok Mens Wall

These Reeboks have adequate air holes which can be a great advantage for your feet. They enable the feet to breathe something that is very convenient when one is training for long hours or taking long walks.

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More Like A Culture

These shoes have been in existence for many years and for the men who can wear nothing else, it is more like a culture for them. Many find them to be the best and of the best quality. Even when limitations exist in the market, nothing can really come close to this lovely pair of Reeboks.

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For Fashion As Well

These shoes can be worn with any casual attire and look lovely. They are not just for maneuvering at the basketball court, though that was the original plan by the manufacturers. More people are wearing them as part of a casual attire, especially when one wants to pull off that sports look. They make a man look stylish and fashionable something that is getting popular with the modern man.

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The Outstanding Reviews

The raving reviews about Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig Basketball Shoe by the buyers further confirm the practicality of these shoes. The reviews also confirm the quality, because most of the wearers say they have been wearing them for a couple of years before they wear out. The reviews no doubt show that these shoes are worth buying and for $79.99 there couldn’t be a better bargain.

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The Pros and Cons of Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig


  • Great Arch and Ankle support
  • Great Design
  • Affordable price
  • Snug Comfort


  • The Reebok Mens Wall Season 3 Zig Basketball Shoe only has two flaws and they are as follows:
  • The many air holes that it has can lead to odors
  • They are hard to find in local stores


These Reebok Mens Wall are the sports shoes and best basketball shoes never come better than these ones.

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