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Reebok Mens BB4700 Mid Review

Athletes want shoes that will help them run faster and easily, like the Reebok Mens BB4700. And that is the main reason for why Reebok has manufactured this Reebok Footwear Mens4700 Mid Basketball Shoe.

Reebok designed this shoe by embracing a retro look that came along with a mid top height as well as a logged heel that appears to pull at the end. This is the perfect shoe to get into the basketball court with as this is the one place it has been designed to work best in. this pair of shoe will let you hop in the court with ease and great comfort. To ensure that you don’t hurt your leg while jumping high to fight for the ball, this shoe comes with a thick and soothing padding that absorbs the pressure you subject your feet to. Therefore, it is very protective to your feet. Moreover, it is raised to a medium height so as to ensure you are stable. The height is high enough to help your foot absorb the pressure while still low enough to ensure you are stable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your balance while on the court.

With Reebok Mens BB4700 Mid Basketball Shoe, you can jump high and strong as the shoe is made from high-quality Reebok Mens BB4700 Mid athletic materials.

Reebok Mens BB4700 review - Best Basketball Shoes

The Rubber Sole

The rubber sole provides you with a soft landing on the court. The rubber sole makes it also easy to hop around as the soft landing helps in absorbing the resultant pressure.

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Cushioned Inner Sole

Apart from the rubber sole, this mens basketball shoe facilitates swift and comfortable movement through its cushioned inner sole. As much as you need a soft landing material in form of rubber sole, you too will need to ensure that your foot lies on a soft and soothing material in form of a cushioned inner sole. This inner sole plays a huge role in cushioning the foot from any injuries due to the pressure impacted on the foot while on the court.

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Synthetic Material

Unlike other basketball shoes that come with leather as the dominant material, this shoe has reaped the benefits of advanced technology. This shoe is made from synthetic material which has been observed to deliver more on the promise of comfort and movement enhancement.

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Breathable Mesh Lining

You agree with me that what an athlete wants most while in action is plenty of fresh and cool air to breathe. Fresh air to give him more energy to fight. With Reebok Mens BB4700 Mid Basketball shoe, you are assured of having your feet breathing throughout the game. This shoe comes with a breathable mesh lining around the shoe. This mesh lining is filled with air spaces through which air will get access to your feet.

Other amazing features that you will find on Reebok Mens BB4700

  • A padded tongue with logo
  • Shoe laces to hold your leg tight and intact
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Pros and Cons of Reebok Mens BB4700


  • Pros of Reebok Mens BB4700
  • The shoe is highly comfortable
  • Light- thus enhancing movement
  • Are stylish and very fashionable
  • They are classy and attractive in appearance


  • Are a bit expensive at $33.35- $64.99
  • Are narrow and people with broad feet may have a hard time in them

If you are looking for the perfect shoe to walk around in, a pair of shoe that you will be comfortable in and one that will make you the man you are, then look no further. The Reebok Mens BB4700 Mid Basketball Shoe is the shoe to try.

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