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Nike Womens Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker Review

There are tremendous things that girls and even women are attracted towards, especially Womens Dunk Sky Hi. One thing that falls under the attraction category is the fashion. Almost every female on this planet is attracted towards fashion. This is because it is a fact followed by most that more hip you look the cooler and awesome the looks are. Although there is truth in these thoughts, but the thing to keep in mind is that even sneakers come under the title of fashion. Sneakers need to be comfortable and at the same time look fashionably awesome, so that they can be compatible with any type of clothes they wear around.

Womens Dunk Sky Hi - Best Basketball Shoes

The Nike Womens Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker is one such sneaker which is designed and manufactured by Nike, who deals with specifically following fashion and good looks. At the same time, there are other aspects which are considered while buying the sneakers. People often look after the comfort the sneakers provide. Anyhow, the product is supposed to be known in the market for both its looks and comfort.

Specifications/ features of Womens Dunk Sky Hi

  • This means that the sneakers are water resistant and not slippery. So you can use them under any climatic conditions.
  • Although they are made of rubber, they tend to give an amazing look to your aspect.
  • The weights of the sneakers are just around 3 pounds, which is fair enough.
  • The Nike sneakers are famous in the market for the quality they pose and also for the amazing looks and comforts.
  • If you are looking for something as a gift for your mom or sister, then these sneakers are the best available in the market. Not too expensive and not too cheap is the best feature of such sneakers.


  • Padded collar and tongue.
  • Easy to wear and handle.
  • Rubber soled and leather construed.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Quite comfortable to use for regular usage.


  • There are not much cons for the sneakers.
  • These sneakers have been known to be the best sellers in the market.
  • However, some of the facts behind the cons of the sneaker are that it may seem too tight at the top which can be an issue. But the fact is that as being a sneaker they need to be tight at the top.
  • You can easily get used to them once you are in constant use of the sneakers.

Market Feedback/ customer review/Verdict for Womens Dunk Sky Hi

The market reviews and feedbacks were tremendously inspiring and positive from all over the world. The Review Nike Womens Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker is enough to demonstrate that the product is good enough to steal the market of sneakers all around the world and be one of the best basketball shoes.

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