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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Review

The year 1985 was the breakthrough year, Nike introduced the first of Nike Basketball shoe in the series, Nike Air Jordan 1. Michael Jordan as this is the year he won the Rookie of the Year award after playing in the All-Star game and bringing North Carolina the National Championships.

Nike Air Jordan 1 - Best Basketball Shoes

This particular shoe came into the market with a thud and created so much publicity especially after it was found to break the basketball NBA’s uniform rule since it had bright red and black color scheme. This led to Michael Jordan being fined $5000 every time he won the shoe during the matches, a feature which was seen to make the shoe a popular brand to many basketball lovers. This Nike Air Jordan 1 has since evolved and changed over time to what we have today, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid. This shoe has today been released in over 23 color variations due to its popularity with the people. It has actually been reviewed as the most reproduced basketball shoe in terms of colorways. Refer to “Top Five Cheapest Basketball Shoes” to choose quickly.

Features Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

There are those features that have made this shoe a favorite to many people. In a market saturated with different types of shoes, there must be some unique characteristics that have made this shoe stand out. Here are some of them:

  • Leather –cum-fabric: this makes this shoe very tough as well as very soft as this combination of material is a real tough-soft stuff. Therefore, promising you good and long service.
  • Rubber sole: this characteristic rubber sole is the sole of choice in all the Air Jordan series. It also gives you a soft landing by cushioning you from the landing impact.
  • Phylon midsole: this sole has been made to make your movement efficient and smooth, thus very comfortable when running around in the shoe.
  • TPU Midfoot: this material is very important for your athletic qualities. It gives your foot the comfort and the support it needs for effective movement.
  • Mesh upper: the presence of mesh in the upper side of the shoe makes it possible for your foot to breathe, thus letting you remain fresh and cool.
  • Padded heel: this feature lets your ankles remain intact by cushioning them during landings and when running.


Pros and Cons of Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

There are several benefits hit you get by purchasing this shoe. Look out at the following:


  • Stylish, iconic and fashionable
  • Maximum foot comfort
  • Ability to breathe
  • Free landings due to cushioning
  • Efficient due to its flexible material


  • For high-quality shoe, you will need to cough out a handsome amount of money, $287
  • The high rate of reproduction of this shoe gives room for counterfeit production- beware of looking for the original shoe.


You can have this shoe for your kid’s basketball training or you can even buy your kid one for his/her birthday. It is awesome for your holiday as well as for your workouts and exercises. This is an insight in this regard. This Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is the perfect shoe you need to buy.

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