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Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top Review

If you are an ardent basketball player, the Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to all-around functionality. As most individuals would appreciate, sports shoes happen to be integral components of day to day living, especially if you are an athlete. Not only do these products improve the functionality of your lower limbs when performing. But also provide utmost comfort and suitable posture that can prove to be invaluable in the rigors of moving up and down.

The sports shoe market is currently awash with a wide diversity of products, many of which sadly fail to live up to the expectations of their users. This, fortunately, is a thing of the past, and should you happen to fall under this category look no further. These revolutionary shoes are part of the widely acclaimed Fila Vintage footwear collection that has never ceased to amaze its many fans globally. And make for some of the most appropriate shoes for a basketball player.

Fila M Squad Basketball - Best Basketball Shoes

What are the features of Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes?

Naturally, the Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes come with striking and unique features making them ideal for virtually any usage you might plan for them. To begin with, this footwear is totally fashioned from leather, which goes to say that their durability is unmatched. You can be fully assured that you will never have to worry about them depreciating prematurely unlike some of the mediocre products in the market.

When it comes to design, these shoes take the cake and feature a nubuck upper that comes with mesmerizing green detailing. Which effectively puts them in a class of their own, in terms of both style and wearability. The distinct mid-top profile is also essential in the provision of snug comfort to your feet even when engaged in energetic moves and lurches while on the court.

To make things even better this footwear features a thickly padded thong and ankle for enhanced mobility of your entire feet. The Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes also come with rubber outsoles that facilitate for enhanced grip on whatever surface you might be playing on. While also effortlessly resisting abrasion for heightened durability.


Pros of the Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes

  • These shoes offer an unmatched level of durability and wearability
  • They feature a funky but still functional design that can appeal to virtually any fan of good basketball shoes
  • These shoes are also extremely versatile, and can also be incorporated into almost any casual outfit
  • The rubber outsole provides amazing traction that can come in handy when performing

Cons of the Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top shoes

While it possesses great advantageous features, this footwear is not perfect, and some buyers have found some minor flaws in them, which include:

  • These shoes are said to be rigid and to ensure an exact fit, you are advised to purchase a size slighter larger than your feet
  • The stitching on these shoes can tear away with regular usage

All in all, these shoes make for some of the best basketballs in the market, and can also be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

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