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Adidas Womens Pro Model Zero W Review

The Adidas womens pro model zero basketball shoe is a lightweight sneaker. Its upper is made of synthetic leather and it has midsole cushions to offer comfort. This is one of the staple models by the company. The sneaker is designed to enhance a player’s performance.

Adidas womens pro model zero - Best Basketball Shoes

The pro model has gone through various updates since it was introduced. This particular shoe has undergone a makeover to make it one of the lightest in the market. It applies the adizero technology to make it feel lighter compared to other sneakers.

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Unique Features of Adidas womens pro model zero

It is designed like an athletic shoe and includes a rounded toe area. The front is full lace-up and it includes the signature Adidas triple stripe inlays. There is a textile lining in the shoes and a cushioning insole. It applies the TORSION (R) System, which helps to improve midfoot integrity. It has a molded midsole and its shell toe gives places better protection from injuries.


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The Adidas womens pro model zero W basketball shoe looks light. It is a combination of the design used on Adidas Crazy Light and conventional Promodel line. It features several perforated places. The toe area has some ventilation holes. This area has a partial rubber, which connects with the leather.

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The shoe is slightly tight, especially on the toes. This may be attributed to the inclusion of a shell box in this area. It is ideal if you have narrow feet. The rear part of the Adidas womens pro model zero shoe is comfortable and will fit snugly into any foot size. You may have to loosen some of the places to get a good fit. Tightening the laces will make the shoe uncomfortable. This snug fit does come in handy if you want adequate support for your ankle. Your ankle area will be well secured by this tight fitting sneaker.

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Patent leather is used to make the main part of the sneaker. It also has a perforated section made of mesh material. The meshed area is at the ankle. This feature helps to increase ventilation when you are playing. EVA has been used on the midsole. Its tongue is made of patent leather as well.

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Its performance is impressive because of the lightness. You will feel like you are wearing running sneakers with this shoe. This is because of the cushioning included in its torsion system. It takes a while before you feel comfortable in the shoe and enjoys its benefits. You will have to use it for a while and apply pressure on the shoe to experience the improved performance. This is a firm shoe that will offer good protection for your ankle. However, you need to be carefully when landing on the Adidas womens pro model zero shoe as you sprint. The patent leather used is flexible and this makes it easy to move up and down the court in this shoe.

Pros and cons of Adidas womens pro model zero


  • This is one of the lightest sneakers in the market
  • The fabric lining helps to keep the shoe dry as you play
  • The shell toe area promotes air circulation
  • It offers great support for the ankles


  • It is too tight especially at the front and this can make your feet painful
  • They are a little squeaky when you play in them


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