Women’s basketball shoes are attractive

Men and women are wired very differently. Whereas a man would be happy just to find the right fit, women are fussier. A woman wants to look at the mirror and think whether she looks good. Women’s basketball shoes are for obvious reasons, more attractive than men’s most of the time. You can find a variety of shoes to suit your fancy from striped ones, patterned ones, plain ones and brightly colored ones.

Even when the shoes are just plain black and white, the colors will be brighter and simply feminine. Brands have had to come up with ways to ensure that women’s shoes simply look attractive, in order to cater to the female demographic. It is therefore easy for you, as a woman, to find best basketball shoes that do not compromise your sense of fashion.

Women’s basketball shoes are smaller

In any average population, female basketball players will be smaller than their male counterparts will. Because of this fact, in many cases shoes for basketball players who are female will be smaller compared to those of male players.

The shoes will come in numbers that are smaller, and will be narrower in many cases. The shoe sizes of this nature ensure that you can get a shoe that fits you properly. That is why wearing a man’s shoe to play, unless you are a larger-than-normal women is likely to result in more injuries and strains for you. This will be because the larger shoe will be less stable and less fitting.

You should therefore ensure that you select the right size of basketball shoes for women to ensure that you are getting the benefits of the customized designs.


Basketball shoes for women are lighter

Most male basketball athletes are heavier than women are. Basketball shoes are always meant to cater to those differences in weight. The ability of players, to perform efficiently and effectively, partially relies on the ability of their shoes to protect them from pressure.

Even when two types of shoes are made of lightweight mesh materials, the women’s shoes will probably weigh less. The lighter shoes that women have access to enables them to move around the basketball court just as fast as the men, who are stronger and more able to move the same way in heavier shoes.

You should therefore avoid buying men’s shoes, because their heavier weight will drag you down and slow your game.

Women’s basketball shoes are comfortable

For many women, wearing high heels is not a problem. The shoes may look uncomfortable, but many women have mastered the art of moving around with them. The rules are different though for sports shoes. Women like being comfortable, when playing sports. Running with heels or anything similar is a no-no!

Because of that fact, women’s basketball shoes are very comfortable, in addition to being attractive. They have great cushioning to reduce the shock to the system during jumps. They also have space within the toe boxes, to allow for space when the feet swell, especially during certain times of the month. The panels of mesh on the shoes also allow for breathability when you are playing.

Most women’s basketball shoes also have great ankle support. The shoes also have great traction on the soles, to prevent those embarrassing spills. You can wear high-tops to avoid any ankle injuries, while still keeping your fashionable look.

Wearing the best basketball shoes for women as opposed to those meant for men will therefore enable you to play in comfort, while avoiding excessive sweating of the feet. In addition, such shoes will ensure that your perfect pedicure does not go to waste because you will not have to deal with chipped nails.

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Best Basketball Shoes For Women Conclusion

The best Basketball shoes for women are a triumph. They ensure that you can perfect your game without having to offend your fashion sensibilities. Many brands have very affordable products of this nature. You can therefore enjoy playing your favorite game of basketball, without envying the men, with the best basketball shoes for women.