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Best Basketball Shoes Video – Top 10 Elite Basketball Shoes Of 2016

Best Basketball Shoes Video

Here the latest Best Basketball Shoes video !

Best Basketball Shoes Video – Top 10 Elite Basketball Shoes Of 2016

List of my top 10 Elite Basketball shoes of 2016, signature shoes of NBA players or not, if it is an elite version shoe its here. Nike Lebron 14, Nike Kobe 12, Nike Kyrie 3 or Under Armour Curry 3 will be on next year’s. Mostly Nike but Under Armour Curry 2 is here too!

So here I am back at it again with another video that one of you guys requested. Now the guy who requested this video really didn’t specify what brand he wanted or whether I should do a list on basketball shoes but here is the top 10 best looking elite basketball shoes that has ever been released this year. I thought that this list would only be full of Nike basketball shoes but apparently one shoe made it into the list that wasn’t made by Nike, and the shoes is called the Under Armour Curry 2. So these shoes were rated only on their appearance and not on their performance since some shoes on the list are basically the same. Anyways, if you have a request for a certain top 10 video then please write it in the comments below with the keywords top 10 so I can find it and it wont be lost in Narnia. Alright, enjoy!

Top 10 Elite Basketball Shoes Of 2016:
10. Nike Kobe 11 Low Tinker Hatfield
9. Nike Kd 8 Elite Home
8. Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low Eastbay
7. Under Armour Curry 2 Elite
6. Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Elite Flyknit Unlimited
5. Nike Lebron 13 Elite Gold
4. Nike Lebron 13 Elite EXT Linen
3. Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Elite Flyknit Oreo
2. Nike Lebron 13 Elite Red
1. Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low All Star

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