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Basketball Shoes Video – Top 10 Cheap Basketball Shoes Of 2016

Basketball Shoes Video

Here the latest Basketball Shoes video !

Top 10 Cheap Basketball Shoes Of 2016

My top 10 Cheap Basketball shoes of 2016, signature shoes of NBA players or not, if it has good performance and it’s cheap it’s here. All great Adidas basketball shoes and Nike Basketball shoes is here. No Nike Lebron 14, Nike Kobe AD, Adidas Lillard 3 or Nike Kyrie 3.

Hello, I am back and here is a video that I decided to upload on Christmas! Yea I uploaded this video late on Christmas so you will probably watch this on the day after Christmas but that’s fine. Anyways here is the top 10 cheap basketball shoes of 2016. I just gathered cheap but great basketball shoes and rated them according to their traction, cushion, upper, and support. I didn’t care if one was cheaper than the other, I only rated them on their performance. These shoes are around 80 to 110 dollars when they first came out but these shoes have been on sale in outlets and other store so you can easily buy these shoes for less than 80 dollars. Anyways, if you have a request for a top 10 video then please write it down in the comments below with the key words “top 10” in it. Like and subscribe if you want Yeezy for next Christmas and enjoy!

Top 10 Cheap Basketball Shoes Of 2016:
10. Nike Zoom Clear Out
9. Nike Air Max Audacity 2016
8. Nike Hyperrev 2016
7. Nike Hyperlive
6. Under Armour Lightning 3
5. Adidas D Rose 773 5
4. Nike Kb Mentality 2
3. Brandblack Rare Metal
2. Adidas Light Em Up 2.0
1. Adidas Lillard 2

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