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The Wonderful World Of Best Basketball Shoes

Before the mid-1980s, the best basketball shoes were nothing more than a necessity needed to make sure players were getting proper traction on the court. When it came to picking out a sneaker, it was off to the local sporting goods or shoe store to get a pair of KEDS on CONVERSE. That was the beginning and end of the process surrounding the selection of proper footwear.

Best Basketball Shoes

What are the best basketball shoes in all?

The Revolution Begins

In 1985, a proverbial lightning bolt struck the basketball sneaker industry with the initial appearance of the Nike Air Jordans. The sneaker industry was turned on its head, and a brand new revolution in basketball sneakers was born. Basketball players and ordinary kids became obsessed with style when they hit the court.

As part of this new revolution, product design became infinitely more important as merchandisers began to realize that people who were willing to pay top dollar for a pair of basketball sneakers needed to believe that they offered some practical advantage. Designers began pouring millions and millions of dollars into R&D. The goal was to put together a sneaker that provided better foot support, traction and lift.

With a better shoe that had style, companies turned to their marketing people to get the shoe to market. They discovered the best way to sell their new products was to look for endorsements provided by the guys who needed the shoes the most, professional basketball players. Nike signed all-star Michael Jordan to an exclusive endorsement deal, and all the pieces were in place. The Air Jordans exploded into stores and retailers couldn’t keep them in stock. As they say, the rest is sneaker history.

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Sneakers Today

Advancements have continued in the basketball sneaker industry as new technology and sports science research have continually provided more information on how to make a better shoe that matches the needs of the players. This has become a multi-billion dollar industry and every shoe manufacturer with a name is fighting to create the best basketball shoes and secure their piece of the action. The winners are the consumers who now have an incredible selection of elite sneakers from which to choose.

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Top Sneakers in the Marketplace

What are the best basketball shoes? The primary characteristics of top of the line sneakers are:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Foot support
  • Traction

Based on that criteria, here are the Top ten best basketball shoes available at and stores today. Most of these shoes are available in all sizes for menwomenkids.

Video reference and Comparison Chart for you to choose simpler!


1. Nike Mens Hyperdunk

Best Basketball ShoesNike prides itself on using cutting edge technology and top of the line materials to create sneaker masterpieces. This shoe represents their latest marvel and it was created with an eye on comfort and flexibility.

The materials have been matched together creating one of the lightest shoes on the market. The high ankle support helps create a snug fit. The high grade rubber soul has a unique design that gives maximum traction during on court cuts. Since the material are light, the shoe provides true comfort by being flexable and breathable.

The Hyperdunk comes in a wide variety of well-matched color combinations at very competitive prices.


2. Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV

Best Basketball Shoes

With this shoe, Nike has shown that simple is sometimes better. The Fly Wade has a simple, more classic design than other shoes currently on the market. The reinforcement band at the top helps to provide excellent ankle support.

The high grade rubber souls will give a player the extra spring needed to elevate on jump shots from the outside. The shoe has great durability along with providing amazing comfort. It comes in a variety of cool color combinations that were created to impress. The shoes is competitively priced.


3. NIKE Zoom LeBron V

Best Basketball ShoesNike created this elite basketball shoe using superstar Lebron James all around game as a model for what a shoe should provide to a player. The high grade rubber soul has a very unique tread design that gives the player confidence in their ability to cut while running at full speed.

The spring built into the shoe provides great elevation to help the player rise to the rim to perform some of those powerful dunks that have become Lebrons trademark. The shoe is light enough to provide the up most in comfort, while proving to be durable enough to last a full basketball season. Finally, the shoe is offered in sleek and cool color combinations that will appeal to a variety of age groups. The shoe is a bit on the pricey side, but the price reflects the true quality of the product.



Best Basketball ShoesPrior to the sneaker revolution, CONVERSE was the leading basketball footwear provider in the world. Over time, they switched their focus to running shoes. With the Wade, they have come back to the basketball sneaker industry with a vengeance.

While they dont have a lot of entries in the market, this shoe provides all the things necessary for a great sneaker. This lightweight, sleek sneaker is durable, comfortable and designed to provide great traction and spring. The color combinations are both unique and hip, offering a little something for everyone. These shoes are very reasonable priced compared to other elite basketball sneakers.


5. NIKE Zoom Kobe III A touch of the Black Mamba, comfortable, durable

6. NIKE Air Jordan XX3 Elite design, lightweight, high-quality

7. Nike Lebron 9 good ankle support, lightweight, great traction

8. NIKE Air Jordan I The shoe that started it all has stood the test of time.

9. Adidas Crazy 8 Shoes modern design, reasonably priced, comfortable

10. Nike Zoom Air KD great design and color combinations, good traction, flexible, durable

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Cheap Best Basketball Shoes

The best basketball shoes in the world are certain to appeal to consumers who are willing to pay the price necessary to get elite products. For those who cant afford elite basketball shoes, many of the major shoe manufacturers have scaled down many popular shoe designs making them more affordable to the masses.

By sacrificing a little on the quality of materials, the manufacturers have been able to provide comfortable and durable sneakers in many of the popular designs and colors with price cheap, cheapest.

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Where to Buy Best Basketball Shoes?

The market for elite basketball sneakers has created supply issues with many retailers. Individuals looking to purchase a pair of elite shoes can always check with their local retailers and specialty stores.

If items are sold out, the best shoes are usually available through online merchandisers as well as some of the top auction sites (Amazon, Ebay,). If the hunting really heats up, there are trade shows and collector markets available for people willing to pay top dollar.

With the latest and greatest shoes on the market, players have the opportunity to improve their performance level while looking stylish.

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Basketball Shoes Review